Custom Doors Orange Park FL

Custom doors Orange Park FL

The doors of your home provide more than just entryway for family and friends, they also help keep the elements out and unwanted intruders at bay. That’s why it’s important to choose the right doors for your home – they need to be durable and energy efficient without sacrificing style.

Impact-Resistant Glass Doors

Living in Florida has its perks: the warm weather all year round, gorgeous sandy beaches and a rich variety of entertainment. But it also means being in a hurricane-prone area where the occasional high-speed winds and flying debris can cause serious damage. That’s why you should consider safeguarding your home with impact glass doors.

Unlike traditional front doors, impact doors are made with two thick layers of glass separated by an inner plastic layer that adheres to each other even when cracked under severe pressure. That’s why they can withstand much stronger force and provide theft-prevention benefits too. The layered design also dampens noise, making your home quieter.

Wooden Doors

Wood doors offer a warm, inviting look that will turn your house into a showpiece. They are durable and energy efficient, and provide security against unwanted intruders. Some wood doors even qualify for an insurance premium discount. 84 Lumber’s facilities nationwide include stores, component manufacturing plants, custom door shops and engineered wood product centers in 35 states.

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Aluminum Doors

A good door is more than just a barrier that protects your home from the elements and unwanted intruders. It also adds to the overall curb appeal of your home and enhances its style. That’s why Miracle Windows & Showers offers a variety of high-quality aluminum doors that combine beauty and function, making them the ideal choice for your home.

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Steel Doors

If you want your home to look sleek and sophisticated, choose a Milano Steel Door. This option offers a sleeker design and improved energy efficiency over other doors. Additionally, you can customize your steel entry door with glass and hardware options to further enhance the style.

With a number of high-security features, a steel entry door is ideal for Jacksonville, FL homes that need an extra level of protection from unwanted intruders. Additionally, steel doors are durable enough to withstand the hot and humid climate of Florida without warping or rotting. These doors also offer a more affordable option than other types of replacement doors.

Glass Panels

Glass panels can enhance natural light flow in a property, promoting a visually appealing atmosphere while minimizing the use of artificial lighting. They’re available in a wide variety of styles, including delicately frosted semi-opaque options to let in sunlight but protect the privacy of household members.

Tempered glass panels offer improved resistance to breakage. Instead of shattered into sharp shards, they’ll break into small and relatively harmless blunt glass fragments, protecting the safety of people inside the home or workplace.

Highly modifiable, these panels can be tinted or frosted to keep prying eyes from seeing through them. They’re also available with a range of energy-efficient features to reduce strain on your HVAC system during Florida summers.

Security Features

We offer a variety of security features to help keep unwanted intruders out and your family safe. Options include impact glass, which resists shattering and offers protection from high winds and flying debris, or door reinforcement frames to prevent intruders from kicking in the door. We also have a wide selection of lock options, from classic deadbolts to state-of-the-art Bluetooth-enabled locks. We can help you find the perfect combination of style and safety to meet your needs for a new door replacement.

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