Sliding Glass Doors Orange Park FL

A sliding glass door is a beautiful and practical addition to your home. These doors provide access to your patio area and let in natural light. They are also shatterproof and aesthetically appealing.

A sliding glass door is a movable rectangular-framed sheet of window glass that slides parallel to a fixed, similarly-framed neighboring one. It can even disappear into side pockets for a wall-less ‘open room’ experience.

They Are Shatterproof

Sliding glass doors are convenient and allow homeowners to enjoy the beauty of nature while inside their homes. However, they pose some security challenges. For example, standard sliding patio doors use latches to secure the door, and these can be easily overpowered with a little jiggle by inexperienced burglars.

A stronger solution is to install a security bar on the doors. These are typically metal bars that fasten to the frame’s side, and they can be fitted with a pin to keep them in place when not in use. These can be a good deterrent, but they won’t protect against break-ins when the door is open.

Another option is to invest in impact-resistant sliding glass doors. These have a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer that adds strength and durability to the glass. They’re also resistant to impacts and breakage, so they’ll prevent thieves from breaking in through your home’s patio doors. These doors are also designed to bend and flex to prevent structural damage during severe storms and hurricanes.

They Are Aesthetically Appealing

Sliding glass doors are a beautiful way to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. They bring in natural light, and their smooth operation makes it easy for you to move about the patio area without sacrificing privacy or security.

A variety of window treatments can be used with sliding glass doors, including blinds and curtains that provide effective light regulation. Sheer shades balance privacy with an inviting ambiance, and many offer UV protection to keep your furnishings from fading. Roller shades come in a wide range of opacities to suit your preference for light distribution, and modern solutions like woven wood shade fabrics create a unique aesthetic.

Plantation shutters are also a great option for sliding glass doors. They are available in real wood and composite wood, and feature a choice of louver sizes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy regulation. Using alternatives to the original window glass will compromise energy efficiency and may invalidate your warranty, so be sure to use only the manufacturer’s recommended glass.

They Are Energy Efficient

One of the main benefits of sliding glass doors is that they allow more natural light into your home. This means that you can skip turning on the lights during the day and save on your energy bill.

These doors are also great for bringing in fresh air. This can make your home feel cozier and more cheerful.

You can further reduce your energy costs by adding blinds or curtains to the area behind your sliding door. This will help regulate sunlight, so you can use less energy in the summer and more in the winter.

Another way to increase the energy efficiency of your sliding doors is by choosing a design with double-glazing. This is a standard feature in many of our designs. You can also check the ENERGY STARR label or the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) label to compare energy efficiency ratings. By looking for these labels, you can be sure that you’re getting the most efficient doors possible.

They Are Easy To Operate

With their large glass panes, sliding doors offer an expansive view of your backyard. They’re great for family BBQs, watching the kids play in the pool, and more! They also let in a lot of natural light. This reduces the need to run electrical lights in your home, saving you money and energy.

Sliding doors can be fitted with blinds and curtains to further regulate sunlight. This is especially helpful during the hot summer months, as it reduces heat gain and lowers your electric bill.

Sliding doors can also be equipped with security features to keep your home safe. Some have built-in locks, preventing the door from opening when you’re not there. Others have a hook-over mechanism, preventing the door from being lifted off its track. Sliding doors can also be fitted with shatterproof safety glass, which is incredibly hard to break and offers impressive burglar resistance capabilities. It’s important to test the lock on your sliding glass doors to make sure they’re secure.